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ShenZhen Baihui Technology Co.,LImited ,

GSM/GPRS module mc37i

Computer & Accessory
GSM/GPRS module mc37i


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Computer & Accessory  -  Computer Connectors

Offer Post Time: 2011-06-09

Serial Code:

Model: MC37i


Carriage: Shenzhen


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: 200.00 RMB

Dual band GSM/GPRS module
GPRS Class 10
Support CSD USSD
Physical Dimensions 32.5x 35 x 3.1mm


Detailed Description Feature Implementation


Frequency  bands Dual band: GSM 900/1800MHz
GSM class  Small MS
Output power (according to Release 99, V5)
Class 4 (+33dBm ±2dB) for EGSM900
Class 1 (+30dBm ±2dB) for GSM1800
Power supply 3.3V < VBATT+ < 4.8V
Ambient operating temperature according to IEC 60068-2
Normal operation -20°C to +55°C
Restricted operation -40°C to -20°C and +55°C to +70°C
For extended restricted operation see Section 5.2.
Physical Dimensions  32.5mm x 35mm x max. 3.1mm
Weight: approx. 6g
RoHS All hardware components fully compliant with EU RoHS Directive

GSM / GPRS feature

Data transfer GPRS
• Multislot Class 10
• Full PBCCH support
• Mobile Station Class B
• Coding Scheme 1 – 4
• V.110, RLP, non-transparent
• 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 14.4kbps
PPP-stack for GPRS data transfer
Point-to-point MT and MO
Cell broadcast Text and PDU mode
Storage SIM card plus 25 SMS locations in mobile equipment
Transmission of SMS alternatively over CSD or GPRS. Preferred mode can be user defined.

Group 3; Class 2 and Class 1
Audio Speech codecs
• Half Rate (ETS 06.20)
• Full Rate (ETS 06.10)
• Enhanced Full Rate (ETS 06.50 / 06.60 / 06.80)
• Adaptive Multi Rate AMR
Handsfree operation, echo cancellation, noise reduction, 7 different ringing tones / melodies