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ShenZhen Baihui Technology Co.,LImited ,

RS232 3G HSDPA Modem

Computer & Accessory
RS232 3G HSDPA Modem


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Computer & Accessory  -  Modems

Offer Post Time: 2011-08-30

Serial Code:

Model: By-S5210


Carriage: Shenzhen


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: 480.00 RMB

RS232 3G HSDPA Modem

Model: By-S5210

Industrial design

Aluminum casing

Based on Simcom module SIM5210



GPRS class 12

EDGE class 12

UMTS/HSDPA 3GPP release 5

GSM 3GPP release 99

3V SIM card slot

DB9 RS232 interface

Internet, data and SMS service

Output Power
Class 42W @850/ 900MHz
Class 11W @ 1800/1900MHz

Class 3 (0.25W@2100MHZ)
Input voltage7V-35V DC
Input current1A-2A

Standby current: 56mA

Working current: 100-140mA
Working temperature -20 -+55

Storage temperature:-25 -+70


Accessories: AC/DC adaptor, DB9 RS232 cable, antenna, 2 mounting plates, CD

Spec for Data transfer:

HSDPA: Max. 7.2Mbps (DL)

UE Category: 6, 8, 12

WCDMA: Max. 384 Kbps (DL), Max.384Kbps (UL)

EDGE: Max. 236. 8 Kbps (DL),Max118 Kbps (UL)

GPRS: Max. 85.6 Kbps (DL), Max.42.8 Kbps (UL)

CSD: GSM Data rate 14.4Kbps,

WCDMA data rate 57.6Kbps

Spec for SMS

Point to point MO and MT

SMS Cell broadcast

Text and PDU mode