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ShenZhen Baihui Technology Co.,LImited ,

wireless gprs modem,RS232 GPRS MODEM

Computer & Accessory
wireless gprs modem,RS232 GPRS MODEM


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Computer & Accessory  -  Modems

Offer Post Time: 2011-06-09

Serial Code:

Model: BY-G52i


Carriage: shenzhen


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: 450.00 RMB




Product description:

General Features:

Industrial design

Aluminum casing

Wireless access to internet

Based on Cinterion module MC52I


with TCP/IP stack

Internet Services: PPP,TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3

Comply with ETSI GSM phase 2+

3V SIM card slot

DB9 RS232 interface

SIM Application Toolkit

Double tone multi-frequency function (DTMF)


GPRS Class 10

Antenna with high sensitivity

Always on-line
Output Power:
Class 4(2W @ 900MHz)
Class 1(1W @ 1800MHz)
Input voltage:5V-35V DC
Input current:1A-2A

Standby current: 56mA

Working current: 100-140mA
Working temperature :-20 to+55 degrees

Storage temperature:-25 to +70 degrees


Accessories: AC/DC adaptor, RS232 cable, antenna, 2 mounting plates, CD

 Specification for GPRS data


GPRS class 10: max. 86 kbps (DL)& #8226;

Mobile station class B& #8226;

PBCCH support& #8226;

Coding schemes CS 1-4& #8226;


Specification for CSD data


Up to 14.4 kbps& #8226;

V.110& #8226;

Non-transparent mode& #8226;

USSD support& #8226;


Specification for SMS:

Point-to-point MO and MT& #8226;

SMS cell broadcast& #8226;

Text and PDU mode•


Specification for fax:

Group 3, class 2 and class 1& #8226;